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Daily News – Dec 29, 2015 High-profile land use attorney part of anti-development ballot measure

Variety – Nov 17, 2015 Variety Gives Update on Hollywood Development

Los Angeles Times October 13, 2015 The Man Who Stopped a Target

89.3 KPCC Environmental & Science July 17, 2015 LA Developers in Quake Prone Areas Must Now Look for Faults First

L.A Times July 7, 2015 Hollywood skyscraper critics question quake risk for project

Wall Street Journal May 26, 2015 Developers Worry California Ruling Could Dent Building

LA Weekly April 30, 2015 Judge Throws Out Hollywood Millennium Skyscraper Project

LA Times April 30, 2015 Judge Halts Millennium Skyscraper Project

LA Weekly February 3, 2015 Millennium Skyscraper Team is Ready to Fight Jerry Brown’s Top Geologist Over Hollywood Fault

Community challenges to development drive up project costs in nation’s least affordable city – Chicago Tribune, Jan 24, 2015

Finance and Commerce January 15, 2015 Hollywood Projects Scuttled as David Beats Goliath

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Hotel Chatter – A Controversial Hollywood Development (and its Hotel) Remains on Shaky Ground – Nov 12, 2014

Sierra Madre Fault Map Brings New Restrictions Nov 8, 2014

State Map Puts Quake Fault Beneath Proposed Millennium Hollywood Skyscraper  Nov 7, 2014

LA Times – Nov 6, 2014 – California geologist says quake fault lies beneath Hollywood project

Hollywood Reporter Nov 6, 2014

L.A.Weekly Nov 6, 2014

Planned Hollywood high-rise would sit atop earthquake fault, state says – Yahoo News 11-6-14

Massive Hollywood project sits atop quake fault, California says

Active fault under site of proposed Hollywood skyscrapers, state says | 89.3 KPCC

CityWatchLA September 2, 2014 Sidewalks: LA’s City Council Wants it Both Ways

New York Times September 1, 2014 Infrastructure Cracks as Los Angeles Defers Repairs

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L.A. Times – May 17, 2014 City Geologist Calls for More Seismic Testing at Hollywood Site

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L.A. Times – May 6, 2014 – New L.A. Area Quake Map Shows Fault Lines Under Schools, Hotels, Homes

L.A. Times – March 28, 2014 – La Habra Quake a Reminder about Dangerous Puente Hills Fault

LA Weekly – March 17, 2014 – 4.4 Earthquake Strikes Near Westwood

LA Times – March 17, 2014 Where Exactly Was the L.A. Earthquake?

地震图发布 好莱坞千禧年项目引争议 – Jan 17, 2014 (in Chinese)

LA Weekly – Jan 16, 2014 Hollywood Fault Pits Builders and City Hall Against the Community Planète – Jan 9, 2014 Los Angeles : des programmes immobiliers autorisés sur des failles sismiques

Huffington Post – Jan 9, 2014 Millennium Hollywood Project in Jeopardy After Map Reveals Earthquake Faults – Jan 8, 2014 State Map Shows Sunset Boulevard Projects Along Active Earthquake Fault Insurance News – Jan 9, 2014 Fault Maps Could Alter L.A. Development

Hollywood Patch – Jan 9, 2014 State Geologist Says Millennium Hollywood Project Sits Atop Fault Line

Hollywood Reporter – Jan 8, 2014 Survey Confirms Earthquake Fault Line Runs Through Planned Millennium Project

Wall Street Journal 1-8-14 Fault Maps Could Alter L.A. Development

LA Observed 1-8-14 New State Maps Put Hollywood Buildings on Faults

L.A. Times 1-8-2014 Hollywood developments straddle earthquake fault, new maps show

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Santa Monica Daily Press – Jan 6, 2014 Santa Monica Fault Mapping Starts Soon

L.A. Times Editorial – Jan 3, 2014 L.A. Must Act on Construction Within Fault Zones

Hollywood Patch – Dec 31, 2013 – State Lawmakers Call to Boost Funding to Map Active Earthquake Faults

L.A. Times – Dec 30, 2013 – L.A., Santa Monica Buildings May Sit Atop Quake Faults

L.A. Times Ad – Dec 21, 2013 – Failure to Represent by Aaron Epstein

Park Labrea News – Dec 18, 2013 – Judge Rules Against City’s Hollywood Plan Update

Los Feliz Ledger Dec 16, 2013 With Two Lawsuits Pending, Millennium Project On Hold

Hollywood Patch Dec 12, 2013 Millennium Hollywood Project Led Lobbyist Spending at L.A. City Hall

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89.3 KPCC Take Two Nov 22, 2013 Did city officials overlook earthquake fault in Hollywood? Click on Listen Now to hear interview with Ron Lin.

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ENRCalifornia (Earthquake News) Nov 19, 2013 Scientists Visit L.A. to Discuss List of Buildings at Risk in Quake

L.A. Weekly November 5, 2013 Millennium Towers Are Postponed

L.A. Times October Oct 26, 2013 L.A.’s Top Building Chief says he’s Been Cleared in Ethics Complaint

The Architects Newspaper Oct 16, 2013 Q & A with Ca State Geologist John Parrish Engineering News-Record Oct 2, 2013 – Suit Against Los Angeles Triggers Debate Over Building on Hollywood Fault

Columbia Journalism Review Sept 30, 2013 – A Fault-Finding Mission

Park LaBrea News/Beverly Press 9-26-13 – Millennium Opponents File Ethics Complaint

KPPC 89.3 9-20-13 Video Clip and Document Included

KCAL News Coverage 9-20-13 8:35 p.m.

KCAL News Coverage 9-20-13 4:05 p.m.

KTLA News Coverage 9-20-13 6:15 p.m.

KCBS News Coverage 9-20-13 6:15 p.m.

KCBS News Coverage 9-20-13 5:30 p.m.

KABC News Coverage 9-20-13 11:30 a.m.

KPFK News Coverage 9-20-13

The Wall Street Journal Sept 20, 2013 – Fault Line Splits Hollywood

Hollywood Patch 9-19-13 – Millennium Hollywood Project Opponents File Ethics Complaint Against L.A. City

LA Weekly Sept 18, 2013 – How the Hollywood Fault Made Millennium’s Future Uncertain, and L.A. a Laughingstock

LA Times Sept 18, 2013 – Millennium Hollywood Tower opponents file ethics complaint

ParkLabrea News Sept 5, 2013 – Millennium Hollywood Developers Sued Again

Menteca Bulletin Aug 29, 2013 – Hollywood Groups Sue to Stop Skyscraper Project

Hollywood Patch Aug 29, 2013 – Opponents File Lawsuit Against Millennium Project

Huffington Post Aug 29, 2013 – Hollywood Millennium Lawsuit: Homeowners Sue City Over Environmental, Earthquake Concerns

KABC Eye Witness News Aug 28, 2013 – Video Coverage

KNBC Aug 28, 2013 – Video Coverage

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LA Daily News Aug 28, 2013 – Hollywood Homeowners Sue Over Hollywood Millennium

LA Now Aug 28, 2013 – Opponents of Millennium Hollywood Skyscrapers sue Developer, City

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Daily News – Aug 23, 2013 – Lawsuit Filed Against Los Angeles over the Millennium Project

LACurbed – Aug 23, 2013 Hollywood Sues Neighboring Millennium Hollywood Towers

The Front Page Online Aug 21, 2013 – Times Minimizes Millennium Scandal – Grand Jury Probe Needed

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LA Times – LANow Millennium Chat – with preface

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LA Times August 9, 2013 – Hollywood’s Blvd6200 project escaped review despite fault threat 

KABC AM Radio – August 8, 2013 Doug McIntyre Interviews Robert Silverstein

KTTV Opponents August 7, 2013 – Demand an Independent Seismic Study

KCOP Fox 11 August 7, 2013 – Opponents Demand an Independent Seismic Study

CBS August 7, 2013 – Earthquake Fears May Put Hollywood Skyscraper Project on Shaky Ground

Reuters August 8, 2013 – Foes of Hollywood Skyscraper Plan Allege Earthquake Coverup

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Daily News August 8, 2013 – Fault Line Study Urged for Hollywood Project

Hollywood Patch August 8, 2013 – Millennium Hollywood Detractors Want New Seismic Study

LA Weekly August 8, 2013 Updated with Maps

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Miami Herald August 2, 2013 – New Hollywood Tower Project May be Over Fault Line

LA Times August 3, 2013 Developers of Hollywood Skyscraper Project Agree to Dig on Property

LA Times LA Now Live August 2, 2013 Hollywood Skyscraper Site May Sit on Active Fault

KABC 8-2-13 Eye Witness News

KTTV Fox News – August 2, 2013 Coverage of Fault Line Issue

LA Times August 1, 2013 – Skyscraper site in Hollywood may sit on active fault, state says

Park LaBrea News 7-25-2013 – Council Approves Millennium Project

LA Times 7-26-2013 – Millennium Hollywood; First Check the Fault

July 25, 2013 – Our Attorney Robert Silverstein Hits A Home-run On KABC Talk Radio With Larry Elder.

LA Times Newsroom – LA City Council Oks Hollywood Skyscraper Project – video

Long Beach Press-Telegram July 25, 2013 – L.A. City Council Approves Hollywood Millennium Towers Project July 25, 2013 Skyscrapers Planned Over Fault Line in Hollywood Draw Ire

LA Observed July 24, 2013 City Council Approves Hollywood Millennium

San Jose Mercury News Updated July 25, 2013 L.A. Council Approves Hollywood Millennium Towers Project

LA Times 11 p.m. 7-24, 2013 L.A. Council Oks Skyscrapers Despite Concerns Over Quake Fault Line

KPCC – Larry Mantel -July, 24, 2013

Video – Channel 9 July 22, 2013

Video – Channel 4 July 22, 2013

LA Daily News 7-24-2013 L.A. Council Approves Hollywood Skyscraper Project, Despite Opposition

LA Times 7-24-2013 L.A. Council Approves Soaring Hollywood Millennium Skyscrapers

KPCC 89.3 7-24-13 LA City Council Approves Millennium Hollywood Skyscraper Project

Hollywood Patch 7-24-2013 LA City Council Approves Millennium Hollywood Project

MyFoxLA – Hollywood Skyscraper Millennium Project, Building on Shaky Ground

LA Weekly – Uh Oh! Are the Millennium Skyscrapers Atop the Hollywood Fault?

KPPC 89.3 More Quake Studies for Millennium Project

Daily News – Dakota Smith – L.A. Officials Seek More Earthquake Studies From Millennium Developer


NBC Southern California – Hollywood Millennium Project Causing Controversy

TalkRadio 790 KABC Millennium Towers Project Draws State Scrutiny

HollywoodPatch  Millennium Hollywood Project May Fall on Active Earthquake Zone, Opponents Say

YouTube – KCAL 7-22-2013

LA Times – City calls for new earthquake tests at Hollywood’s Millennium site

CBS Los Angeles July 22
Environmental Attorney Warns of Millennium Project Quake Risk

CityWatch July 19, 2013
The Millennium Manhattanization of Hollywood

KPPC on Traffic and the Millennium Project – Comments by Robert Silverstein

CityWatch June 28, 2013
Hollywood Residents Get the Millennium Shaft

Los Feliz Ledger June 27,, 2013
Millennium Developers Agree to Reduce Project Heights

L.A. Times Posted June 19, 2013 by Mike Hiltzik
Caltrans waves red flag on Millennium Hollywood project

City Watch Article by Jack Humphreville, posted on June 19, 2013:
Gridlock & Crumbs

Ron Kay: June 19, 2013:
Zine Slip-Slides Away with Double-Dipping Pensions as Council Readies to Nuke Hollywood with Millennium Project

Curbed L.A Article by Eve Bachrach posted June 19, 2013
Shorter Giant Towers Approved For Lots Around Capitol Records


Garcetti sees Hollywood as ‘a template for a new Los Angeles’


Laurie Becklund on Transactional City Planning in Hollywood



Which Way, L.A.? 89.9 FM

For the Hollywood Skyline, How High Is Too High?


A real Hollywood flop: The Millennium Hollywood project is just what the city doesn’t need,0,770164.story The Millennium project: Reaching high in Hollywood: The Millennium project appears to conform to the new community plan, but scrutiny should continue.,0,7167570.storyFor the record,0,36950.storyL.A. planning panel OKs project to build Hollywood skyscrapers: Councilman Eric Garcetti’s intervention fails to stop the approval of the Millennium Partners’ project, which would involve 1 million square feet of apartment, office and retail space.,0,363474.story


Petition Opposing Millennium Project Racks Up More Than 1000 Signatures


Alien Invasion?  New York developer proposes Skyline Altering Project:

Tower Plan Pits New York Developer Against Old Hollywood