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CallToActionIf you would like to donate to the effort to stop the Millennium Hollywood Project, send a check to:

Silverstein Law
215 N. Marengo Ave. 3rd Floor
Pasadena CA 91101-1604

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  1. shawn
    May 1, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    this is an obvious and blatant display of corruption and greed in local politics. not one council member opposed this. not one!!! i hope they remember that they will have to be reelected. the 101 on and off ramps throughout hollywood proper are already well beyond capacity during rush hour. how can they even say they conducted a traffic study.
    i hope someone proposes to clean out city council and elect a more community conscientious government. what a bunch of idiots. and the proposed plan just looks horrible. greed. greed. greed. these guys would sell out their own mothers. i hope the community is able to stand up and fight for itself. maybe we need high profile celebrities to get behind our cause; ala hugh hefner helping out mt. lee.
    terrible design. terrible idea. its sad that we have to back peddle and let them construct something anyway. its already overdeveloped. how about more green space and free parking. jerks. free parking and a park!!! trees. maybe a even a bird sanctuary. i hate politics and greed. i hope karma bites you in the privates.

    1. rita ryack
      October 1, 2018 at 2:01 pm

      Agree 1000 %. Environmentally unsound, on the fault–verified by Caltrans. I don’t believe these hucksters conducted any impact studies at ALL. The 101 ramps are IMPASSABLE FOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS A DAY. HOLLYWOOD IS OVERDEVELOPED, and these guys have no interest in preserving our history. More awful franchises, more overpriced ugly condos, more traffic, inadequate infrastructure. I will never support Garcetti again if he supports this disgusting outsized project.

  2. emma
    May 9, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    I attended the Debate, May 8, 2013, for Eric Garcetti’s Council District Seat ..CD13..
    This is an important Council Seat as it is in Millennium Project’s District, and whomever wins that seat with be dealing with Millennium Projects.
    John Choi and Mitch O’Farrell are the candidates.
    The Millennium issue was addressed and they were asked about their positions.
    Mr Choi, was passionately against the Millennium Projects..He received a thunderous round of applause after he spoke about his position on them..
    Many there were obviously opposed to The Millennium Projects.
    Mr. O’Farrell, said LaBonge and Garcetti have spoken… they are too tall.
    But he did not oppose quite as passionately as Mr. Choi…OR from HIS OWN POV
    Mr. Farrell was Garcetti’s Deputy Advisor for years.
    He was supported last night by The Hollywood Chamber President and others from The Chamber
    .The Chamber supports Eric Garcetti (PAC Committee) for Mayor and Millennium is The Chamber’s Diamond Level Donor.
    The Hollywood Chamber officially supports Millennium Projects.
    According to The l.A. Ethics Commission Website, which is public record and easy to check out on line, Mr. O’Farrell has received campaign contributions from Zachary Aarons, the son of the head of Millennium.
    Millennium has funded Garcetti’s campaign, Villaraigosa’s campaigns, and many council members past and present
    Argent Ventures, Millennium’s partner has also funded Garcetti’s campaigns.
    Ofcourse, many other issues were addressed but for the purposes of this website I am only reporting about the Millennium Issue..
    So, if you are a CD13 voter or have friends and/or family in CD13, and against MIllennium Projects, you might want to take this into consideration.
    I am very much opposed to the Millennium Projects. and feel selling Hollywood to this NYC developer, which will cripple Hollywood, the way Garcetti has, is way worse than any Union Support ANY candidate has received..Mayoral Candidates and others.
    Thank you for this website!

  3. Emma
    May 25, 2013 at 8:55 am

    Garcetti is steamrolling Millennium projects through PLUM and Ciity Council BEFORE new council members are seated..before new PLUM Committee is formed. Ed Reyes, ehead of Plum will be making decision on projects that may go on for 20 years and he will be gone. Council members will be making decision on projects that may go on for 20 years and some of them will be gone! What’s the point? Except to vote the way eric wants them to, as they always do.. Is Garcetti making sure projects get approved, before he steps down as councilmember to pay back his campaign funders who helped him become mayor? Shouldn’t the new councilmembers who will be dealing with these projects get to participate?, Shouldn’t the NEW Plum committee, have the opportunity to review projects and be in on the decision? Is garcetti worried he wont have as good a chance to get his babies passed with new councilmembers seated? Shouldn’t THEY be familiar with projects, have time to review them?? DELAY DELAY DELAY this process. Contact Mitch O’Farrell who will be inheriting Garcetti’s seat in CD13.. Millennium’s district and all councilmembers new and old and tell them this decision MUST BE DELAYED, until all new players are up to speed and THEY should participate in the decisions. Will Garcetti stick to his reluctant and too late oppostino to the size of MIllennium Projects? Or is his plan to give Millennium carte blanch all they want, to pay them back for helping him become mayor??
    RISE UP and SPEAK OUT!!! anyone opposed to these projects!

  4. bill M.
    June 17, 2013 at 11:16 am

    FYI..Your ‘Blog’ on Hollywood Patch…GREAT idea!
    Unfortunately, many comments have been removed.
    Which defeats the purpose of a blog.
    Wonder how many others never even made it on?
    Sad day in Hollywood..when truth, facts, information are removed, edited out by a paper this way.
    Is The Hollywood Chamber and Millennium at work controlling and now running the show in Hollywood?
    Are we not still living in America?

  5. emma riordan
    June 17, 2013 at 11:20 am

    Hey, Bill M…..I noticed that too..about the Hollywood Patch stopthemillenniumhollywood Blog….
    What happened to comments that I had just read a few days ago?
    Why wasn’t mine even ever posted?
    Is this another shutting out/shutting down/shutting up Millennium Opposition?????
    Has Millennium bought Patch too?
    YES..VERY UNamerican indeed!
    Exrtremely troubling, this!
    Can StopTheMillenniumHollywood remedy this situation??

  6. Tony V.
    September 22, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    Is it clear to the people that we elect to represent us, the citizens of Hollywood the people that actually live here buy property, pay property tax and support the city, we do NOT want this Millennium project built here? Its to big!!!! Its wrong for Hollywood! Developers from New York have no emotional attachment to Hollywood they could care less what the city looks like, how they ruin the sky line how bad traffic gets as long as they can make money. I love my city and I do not want it to be over run with towering sky scrapers. How could anyone think this was a good idea? Villaraigosa was a rotten Mayor and sadly it looks like Garcetti is not going to be much of an improvement. Hollywood is being over built. We need to slow down and make wise choices regarding the future growth of OUR city.

  7. Nelson
    October 3, 2014 at 8:59 pm

    These developers are acting just like in the movies. No concern for the people that will be living or working in these skyscrapers. The planned Millennium Hollywood skyscrapers is on top of a fault line. Even though it’s considered an inactive fault doesn’t mean it won’t reactivate at anytime. It has happened in the past with dire consequences. Read the following LA Times articles:

    Geologists Warn of Big Quake on Coast : Danger: The Malibu fault zone was previously
    thought to be inactive. A temblor could trigger serious landslides, experts say.
    Year: 1990

    ‘Inactive’ Fault Blamed for 7.0 Earthquake
    Year: 1999

    If there is an earthquake and people die because this information was ignored, the blame will fall on the developers and politicians that were involved.

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