Judge says NO to Millennium!

Millennium crushedToday the Hollywood Community won an important victory reaffirming the ability of the people to direct the future development of Hollywood. We have demonstrated to our elected officials and to the City Planning Department that they will not be allowed to impose upon us the failed “Transit Oriented Development” planning model and the destructive “Regional Center, Commercial” planning policy. We have reaffirmed our resolve to maintain the family-oriented, low density California lifestyle we love.
For more, read today’s L.A. Weekly Article  Watch KTLA’s Coverage 

One thought on “Judge says NO to Millennium!

  1. Michael W. Fuller
    May 2, 2016 at 10:34 am

    It is good that officials who have approved the egregious development of Hollywood have been stopped from implementing yet ANOTHER destructive construction project in the Hollywood Area. That such huge community effort was necessary to override officials who should have the interest of the People as their main priority, attests to the necessity of firing the whole bunch that approved the Millennium Project without due study. I look forward to the day when this effort shall be implemented.
    Michael W. Fuller
    Hollywood Resident of 52 yeas.
    CC: BCNA

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