Stop The Millennium Group Makes a Difference


Not only has this grassroots coalition interrupted the status quo downtown, launched a great crowd funding campaign, and exposed corruption, it is causing reform on a state-geological level:

All of the new public awareness of the earthquake issue — from the increase in funding to complete the mapping of dangerous surface rupture faults to the focus on hardening Los Angeles’ water supply infrastructure — has been due to Stopthemillennium’s activities.… Read the rest

Hollywood’s Battle is Our Battle! July 29, 2014 by Jack Humphreville

WHO WE ARE-Hollywood’s neighborhoods and residents are under attack by big time real estate developers who are investing billions in too many to count high rise residential and commercial buildings along the three mile stretch of Hollywood, Sunset, and Santa Monica Boulevards between Western Avenue and the border with West Hollywood.… Read the rest

Fly Over the Hollywood Fault – a Virtual and Enlightening Experience

FaultlineFlyoverHave you ever wondered exactly or even approximately where the Hollywood Fault exists? The L.A. Times staff provides us with a virtual tour of the entire length of that fault. They highlight aspects of this revelation in their most recent article, Preliminary Quake Map Shows Fault Lines Under Schools, Hotels, Homes published May 6, 2014 written by Rosanna Xia, Ron-Gong Lin II, and Doug Smith

We invite you to take this virtual tour and see for yourself how many areas are affected.… Read the rest

An Earthquake Could Topple Hundreds of Buildings, and L.A. Leaders Are Doing Nothing


LA Weekly Article

Los Angeles’ leaders have all but abandoned earthquake-safety philosophy in implementing the city’s General Plan and, especially, the Hollywood Community Plan, says Cal State University Northridge urban planning professor Dev Vrat. The “safety element” of L.A.’s General Plan, for example, relies on an outdated, decades-old geological map that fails to warn city planners about the accurate locations of all of the known, active faults. … Read the rest

It Ain’t Over ’til it’s Over’


LA City Planning Director Michael LoGrande made it clear in a December 20, 2013 memo that the City has not abandoned its commitment to the flawed Transit Oriented Development planning theory that has given rise to Phil Aarons’ Millennium Project and other similar projects in Hollywood. Therein, he reiterates “the Department remains committed to the important principles of the Hollywood Community Plan,” including “new growth around transit”, the foundation of all the massive buildings with inadequate parking concentrated in the most traffic congested parts of Hollywood.… Read the rest


integrityOpponents Call for Neutral Panel of Experts to Study Quake Risks

Opponents of the Millennium Hollywood project today released secret emails that show the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (DBS) and the Millennium developer acknowledged behind closed doors that the Hollywood Earthquake Fault potentially crossed the property and that the State of California had officially mapped the active fault on or near the Millennium property.… Read the rest


Breaking NewsPress Advisory

For Immediate Release


The Los Angeles City Council is scheduled to take up the Millennium project tomorrow, Wednesday, July 24th. The council meeting starts at 10 a.m.

Opponents are expecting to show up in droves to fight the giant development project – one million square feet, costing three-quarters of a billion dollars.… Read the rest

Englander Comments on Geology!


Sometime in the recent historic experience of Councilmember Englander, he must have visited a previous lifetime as a crack geologist. In the face of all the geological studies, he declared his absence of rational judgement before a hall full of community leaders.

After hearing our presentation of the damning evidence from the US Geological Survey, California Geological Survey and the two peer-reviewed geological studies showing that the southern strand of the Hollywood Fault is directly under the Millennium Project site, Councilman Englander had this to say:

“Regardless of the underlying geological and soil conditions, in fact, these faults and thresholds whether active or inactive in fact pose a significant risk to the entire city of Los Angeles.”… Read the rest