Hollywood Can NOT Afford the Impacts of The Hollywood Millennium

The Hollywood Millennium proposed to be developed on 4.46 acres surrounding the Capital Records building will have the following impacts on the surrounding communities:

Create a development larger than the 950,000 sf Staples Center or the 850,000 sf LA Convention Center within 500 feet of Hollywood residential communities; 1,272,741 square feet

  • Project would include1,005 residential dwelling units (872 market-rate units and 133 senior affordable housing units) totaling approximately 1,256,974 square feet of residential floor area, approximately 30,176 square feet of commercial floor area (retail and restaurant uses),
  • Erect 2-Towers – 35-feet tall west building and 46-feet tall east building and two 11-story buildings for seniors.
  • The previous plan would generate 19,000 additional trips to and from the development on a daily basis; Due to the increase in height and the plan to (according to the developer) “cut 121 mostly market-rate units from the plan and build a 220-room hotel.”
  • The subterranean and above ground parking structure will hold only 1,521 vehicle parking spaces, and 551 bicycle parking spaces. The project is underparked without any provision for tourist, residential guest or employee parking.
  • Traffic congestion at the intersections of Cahuenga/Franklin and Argyle/Franklin cannot be mitigated effectively to handle proposed Project traffic.

The following are mitigation measures developed for the previous project back in 2013. Since that time, it has been reported that the fault-line beneath this project is indeed active. No project should be built on this site.

Possible Mitigation Measures from 2013:

“We believe the Development’s impacts on the Community can be mitigated by reducing the size, height bulk and scale of the Project. Therefore we propose the following reductions to the size of the Project to reduce the development’s impact on our Community:”

1) Limit height of the Project to 22-stories or 150 feet.

2) Limit Floor Area Ratio (FAR) to a maximum of 4.5:1 or approximately 750,000 sf.

3) Expand the parking allocation on-site in accordance with standard parking codes for similar uses in other areas of the City of Los Angeles, provide for ample visitor parking for the residential units, tourist visits and replace the 500-public parking spaces presently on-site that will be lost when the Project is developed.

4) Require the Developer to provide dedicated offsite parking for the 1,250 employees anticipated to work at the development.

5) Require the Developer to contract for a new Traffic Study to properly address traffic mitigation and account for impacted intersections not previously included AND the impact the Development’s additional traffic trips will have on 101 Freeway and on/off ramps.

6 thoughts on “Hollywood Can NOT Afford the Impacts of The Hollywood Millennium

  1. Stephen Pillster
    May 10, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Tall buildings belong downtown not in Hollywood. For all the reasons stated in this petition I stand against this development.

  2. Melinda Augustina
    May 13, 2013 at 9:53 am

    Opposed for all the reasons stated and more…
    The developers are shockingly unaware — OR more likely completely aware and shockingly uninterested in the well being of the people who already live in and around Hollywood. I guess the developers are running around in chauffer driven cars or helicopters, b/c if they’ve ever driven to Hollywood on an average day they’d know the traffic is already unbearable.
    Just trying to get there is ridiculous. 30 minutes to drive 4 miles — my dog walks faster than that.

    Scale down and add something of more value to the community. If you want to build, you should have to also provide a transportation solution and a landscaping solution for cleaner air so your “big project” doesn’t torture the rest of us.

  3. Ronald Cross
    May 28, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    Before any permits are issued:
    1. A full impact study must be completed
    a. On residents surrounding the development
    b. On traffic
    c. Air quality & noise, etc (A full environmental impact study)
    d. Effect upon surrounding businesses
    2. The needs of the community must come before the needs of the developer(s)
    3. What are the implications of a major quake (not if) when it hits?
    4. Adequate, affordable parking and full allowance for bicycle and foot traffic must be provided
    both for the project and for the offsets caused by the project
    5. How is the project going to maintain or enhance or degrade the integrity of Hollywood and the surrounding communities?

  4. June 9, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    WHY would the Chamber of Commerce want this to be built? Why don’t they repair the streets and sidewalks that are in dire need of repair? There are several vacant lots one on Hollywood Blvd. near Vine Street, use these lots to develop community gardens! Ridiculous to even think about building this, when so much more pressing projects need to be implemented!

  5. December 26, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Traffic in the area is already horrible for several hours every day and especially bad on weekend evenings. The Red line is standing room only at almost any time of day. The 101 is almost always jammed from Vermont to the 4 level and backs up to Sunset during the peak hours in the morning and late afternoon and evening. Frankly the I think the traffic congestion will make this project a financial failure if it goes through and could easily take down other local businesses with it. If it takes people too long to get here, they will simply find somewhere else to go.

    1. Gary
      June 6, 2014 at 8:48 pm

      Everyone here who is against the Millennium Project well your attitude is going to destroy Hollywood! You will once again bring Hollywood down to just being a blight on the city and a joke to tourists. You really want that again? You people are fighting against your own best interests and you don’t even know it! This just improves the look and the city as a whole. The towers if anything are not high enough 22 stories is so tired ,boring and useless . Your not thinking ahead at all, this will make Hollywood a more vibrant and livable city then it ever was before. You think everyone is going to drive there ? People will walk, it’s near a Subway line if anything it will increase pedestrian traffic which is a good thing! I’m sure people protested against the Capitol Building too before it was built and I know all of you now would do anything to save it if it was being threatened somehow . You have no right to expect the skyline to not change it will not and can not be the same way forever! Where would Hollywood be if not for the projects that improved it so much in the last 10 years? Your panicking because the skyline will change yes that’s true but so what? This is a vibrant growing city if that stops because of your foolish actions and frivolous lawsuits then this place once again will stagnate and soon just be a joke to live in. And the first people to move out would be all the people who were against this project! How ironic would that be?

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